Can India crack an iPhone? It thinks so


Who knows more than the FBI when it comes to breaking into iPhones? Police from Los Angeles. Maybe even India.

Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad responded to a question about encryption by saying that “a tool for mobile forensics has been developed, which handles smart phones including Apple phones.”

It is not known to what degree the tool works or if it works at all. The official said that his ministry is actively pursuing and updating its forensics tools for new hardware and software.

The case of the San Bernardino iPhone splashed global waves, prompting governments to respond to the issue of how it should handle consumer-end encryption when it relates to criminal investigations. Apple has said that providing law enforcement agencies a special decryption method would undermine its security and privacy commitments to its customers.

Prasad ruled out legislating mandated backdoors for encryption. It may be a signal of confidence that the country can actually beat lock screens at its will.

Source : Pocketnow


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