Samsung applies to patent interactive smartwatch projections


Infrared keyboards were going to be a thing, right? Type a bunch of stuff on a countertop and have it appear on your phone! Well, sadly, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that you’re not using an infrared keyboard.

That said, interactive projection displays could still have a practical use in smartwatches or so Samsung believes. It has applied for a patent to implement a projector that displays a user interface onto the back of your hand. The watch can pick up input via a camera pointing at your hand.

So, what are the possibilities? Well, for one, we might not need a screen on the next smartwatch. Even with one, you can check out an extended maps interface, hand-write text or get a marginally larger dialpad. Outward facing projectors can also help users interact with IoT objects as well.

We’re mainly wondering what kind of bulk will be needed to get this packed into a speculative Gear S3.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
Via: Android Community


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