Weibo claims iPhone 7 camera has laser-assisted focus


If last week didn’t get your engines revved for the iPhone 7, well, you’re probably tired of seeing Steve Hemmerstoffer’s name. Probably because it’s a fairly long one, but we really don’t know what your beef is against him.

Anyways, we have not a render, but a photo leak of another iPhone 7 unit, courtesy of Weibo. In addition to the now-familiar revisions in the antenna line design and the engorgement of the camera port, we see an extra hole in between the lens and flash. We figure that one is the typical rear microphone, but the other port sees Apple join the crowd with a focus-assist laser.

One source pictured in the Weibo post reports that what we’re seeing here is “not a model” and may be close to what will hit shelves this fall. We don’t have so much luck on photo leaks for the iPhone 7 Pro or iPhone 7 Plus just yet.

Four more months of rumors and we’ll be able to speculate about what’s on the iPhone 10.

Source: Weibo
Via: Redmond Pie


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