Leaks depict iPhone 7 in Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold with new style for camera

At first, there were whispers of a new ‘deep blue’ color for the iPhone 7. This rumor was later refined to mean ‘deepest blue’ as in almost-black, harkening back to the iPhone 5 Slate color. Apple currently offers Apple Watch in a jet-black finish — branded as ‘Space Black’. The image from MacityNet does not support the rumors of a new color, with all four looking identical to the existing styles.

The accompanying article also rejects the existence of a new color. As always, treat such sources with considerable skepticism. It would make some sense for Apple to add a new color in a year with minor design revisions to differentiate the iPhone 7 and spur some additional sales from customers wanting a new look. No report has made a convincing argument either way on the addition of a new case color option.

A couple more photos of the iPhone 7 colors, via NowhereElse.fr.



As shown in the photo, it seems the iPhone 7 casing will adorn an integrated, smooth, curvature to contain the camera hardware. The new design better connects the camera to the rest of the phone, rather than a separate camera component being attached on top of a flat piece of aluminum. Readers wanting Apple to remove the bulge entirely will be disappointed but at least the camera bump looks more aesthetically appealing.



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